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A Day in the Life: February

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Manda is running a monthly linkup for bloggers to share a day in their life. I missed January, but was able to join in with February the 7th. Here is a day in my life.

The day started with another packing of the suitcase. When I travel, I’m away from home, and when I’m working in the office, I’m away from home. Dakine do amazing luggage – I would definitely recommend them. The way you can tell this suitcase is mine is because it has a Slytherin luggage tag.

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Every Friday morning just before eight o’clock, ClassicFM play Sousa’s famous The Liberty Bell as an homage to it being the final working day of the week. A great way to get Friday going.

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It’s recommended to drink two litres of water per day. Unfortunately, water is boring. Orange / Blackcurrant is a great way to make a vast quantity of water more interesting.

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The rest of the day was uneventful, and at half past four it was time to start the commute home. It’s winter so it still gets dark at 5pm, which means there is beautiful light just before then. My goal was to make it to the M25 before it got dark.

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Queuing traffic started ten minutes into the journey. Not the end of the world.

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More beautiful light.

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Queuing traffic on the M25. The M25 is always queuing, but tonight this was due to flooding. The UK is currently experiencing a lot of rain, and a lot of flooding.

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More stationary traffic, more ClassicFM to get through it.

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I finally made it home after three hours in the car (average speed of less than 40mph) to find that my entry pack had arrived for the Adidas Half Marathon at Silverstone.

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The dog was pleased to see me.

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Finishing off the day with a bowl of raisin shredded wheat. A fairly average Friday in my life.

All photos taken with my iPad and processed with VSCOCam’s T1 preset.


4 Responses

  1. Georgie says:

    Hi! I came across your blog from Manda’s linkup. Sorry to hear you missed January but great to see you made it in this time. I love your photographs.

    It’s a shame it took you so long to get home. I remember when I was in Japan in winter, the sun would already be gone by 4:30pm on most days. Returning home to summer was a bit of a relief because I like that the sun is still out at 7 or so.

    I love those wheat pillows! I haven’t had them in a while but now I feel like I could do with a bunch after reading your post. :D

  2. Kalliste says:

    Wow, 3 hrs in the car! Was that just on the way home? I couldn’t stand having to do that, you have much more patience than me.
    You took some lovely night time photos, the sky looks beautiful.

  3. Manda says:

    Water IS boring! Actually the other day a bar was serving water with slices of lemon and cucumber, which I found to be a refreshing twist on boring ol’ water.

    The UK definitely is getting hit with tons and TONS of rain this season! I visited the UK and Ireland over the winter holidays and it was just rain, rain, rain, rain and rain. HEAVY rain and winds at that!

  4. Aisling says:

    Yay Day in the Life! I didn’t do one this month, but I follow a pretty basic routine so I figured I should stagger my participation a bit and so every entry isn’t exactly the same.

    Your day looked pretty good! It must be weird to be away from home so often. And wow, a half marathon! I could never do that. I’m very jealous.

    Meggy!! She’s such a sweetie. I love doggies. Labradors in particular. <3

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